Hey! I'm Olivya.

If I had to pinpoint when my love of digital art began, I'd say it stems from my time on Neopets as a wee tween. My passion for it has only continued to grow: character art, digital painting, graphic design, hand lettering, obsessive doodling, and pretty much all other creative forms of geekery are my jam.✌

I know that many artists want to take their work digital, but they find the tech aspect overwhelming. Rather than let my fellow creatives continue to avoid digital art programs like the plague, I've set out to create a space where they can learn (more on that below).

Aside from digital art and drawing, I love web development (this site was built with ❤ by yours truly), binge-watching dystopian TV shows, and my awesome (crazy) cat.

What is Pixeltropes?

pix•el /piksel/
A single point in a graphic image
trope /trōp/
The use of figurative language for artistic effect

In technology, pixels are everywhere. They're the digital building blocks of everything you see online. However, when used creatively, they become the facilitators of creative story-telling — much like a trope — in the various forms of digital art and design. Hence, the name Pixeltropes is intended to represent the use of technology for and by creatives.

Have you been wanting to take your creative skills into the digital realm, but aren't sure where to start? Well, you're in the right place. Here you'll find learning resources and tutorials intended to incite inspiration without overwhelm, so you can breeze past the technical learning curve and do what you do best: create.

If you haven't yet, I recommend you enroll in my free digital art e-course to get started. Click here to register »

Last but not least, I also have an Etsy shop where you'll find digital design assets and printables that I've created. More items will be added frequently, so ensure you add it to your favourites and/or check back regularly so you don't miss out! :)

Fast Facts

Cat Mama
My monster kitty’s name is Mucha (”moo•ka”). He’s a lovable brat and lucky to be so cute.
I have the fortune of residing in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Along with art & design, I’m passionate about web development and all things tech!