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Olivya Striloff

Hi! I'm Olivya.

I'm a digital artist & designer who loves empowering other aspiring digital artists with technical skills so they can better fuel their craft. 🚀I do this through easy-to-follow, creatively-inspired Photoshop tutorials, which you'll find on this website alongside other artistic resources, tips & tricks, and inspiration! 💖

Let's take your

art Digital.

To help get the ball rolling, I’ve created a 100% free e-course on digital art for beginners! This a self-paced video course that teaches you how to make a geometric feather graphic, no experience or tablet pen required. Sign up below for instant access and start right now! 👇🏻

Free digital art course by Pixeltropes
    Privacy Policy. Requires Adobe Photoshop 7+ (or equivalent digital art program).
    Free digital art course by Pixeltropes

    The meaning of

    pix•el /piksel/
    a single graphical point, many of which combine to form digital imagery

    On screens, pixels are everywhere. They're the mini digital building blocks of everything you see online.

    When used creatively, they become the most basic facilitators of story-telling — much like a trope — via the various forms of art shared digitally.

    Hence, the name Pixeltropes is intended to represent the use of technology for, and by, creatives.

    My cat, Mucha!

    Fast Facts:

    I'm a starry-eyed creative, animal lover, cat mama, web developer, proud nerd, emoji enthusiast, list-maker, dreamer + doer. I geek out over Pokémon, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. I'm a chronic binge-watcher of dystopian TV shows. Digital art, graphic design, hand lettering, constant doodling, and pretty much all other creative forms of geekery are my jam. ✌️

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